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During the past years apart from my creative projects I have been working on the realisation of a B&B that is now finished. We are usually open from the end of March to the end of September.

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10.01.2021: Let’s start the new year with a fresh painting

25.12.2019: Merry Christmas to you all! May your holidays be full of magic and joy!

Our house is finally ready! Come and take a look at the photos in the photo gallery of our Bed and Breakfast.

Who cannot wait for spring, flowers and sunny days? Me definitely! My latest painting “Bright Moments”:

A picture for a friend of mine. A memory of her holidays in Tuscany:

The construction of the B&b is slowly getting closer to the finish line: We finished plaster and the undercoats for the floors. Now the heating system is getting installed and then we’re almost ready for the tiles! I can’t wait to show you the design we have chosen for the rooms!

Here is a fresh, new painting: “Lemon fragrances”

There are new Christmas postcards! Is there anything more beautiful during the cold season than “Romantic Moments together”?

Slowly we are getting closer to the coldest days of the year but at the same time these days can be full of colours and warm light: I’m talking about “The golden Winter days”

My latest painting “con affetto”, that means “with love”. It is a Christmas present for a dear friend of mine.

If you know Italian you can read about my “Autumn emotions” in the “Articles” section. I wrote the text for an art exhibition in Savona, Italy, where I’m participating:

My latest painting: It shows one of those “priceless moments” that we can’t buy. that really give us joy, that make us laugh, love and dream: Moments with our family

Lots of new postcards and Priceless Moments. Here is one of my favourite:

Autumn is colouring everything with its beautiful shades. What a colourful harvest! :)

The construction of the B&B is proceeding: finally we have a roof over our heads!

Take a look at my new painting! Inspired by my book, the story of Aischa. You find it in the gallery of Aischa’s paintings:

The construction of the B&b is proceeding: All the brick walls are finished. Now it is time for the roof! Here on the pictures you see the corridor on the first floor with the rooms and the portico downstairs where there is going to be the reception and the breakfast room.

The colours of the summer flowers in my garden let me dream:

Here is my latest painting “El canto del paraiso”, the means “The song of paradise” and I also wrote a poem in Italian about the painting. You can read it in the poem section:

Who else loves gardens by the sea as much as I do? Here is my new painting “Giardini sul mare”:

The house on a sunny day. Today the brickwork is getting started!

The structure of the garage of the B&b is now ready:

Who else is ready for a summer break? Here is my latest painting, inspired by a “summer break” in my garden:

Who of you was able to enjoy the long Easter weekend in the sun? Here is my latest painting, inspired by the spring sun: “Momenti soleggiati con Te”

The construction of the B&b is proceeding and also the garden is getting more and more beautiful:

The view from our future B&B:

Finally a few photos from the exposition in Varazze:

From march 25 till march 31 I’m going to expose some of my paintings in Varazze, at Palazzo Jacopo. The opening is march 25th at 16:30. So if you have time come and take a look!

The construction of the house is finally proceeding. We have already reached the first floor! I’m so happy! :)

Spring is in full bloom here in Liguria. I think we’ll have a great fruit harvest this year!

A friend and singer of mine, Alessia Ramusino, used for her Cd “Iris fields” one of my pictures as the cover. You can listen to “Iris Fields” and buy the whole album on: https://alessiaramusino.bandcamp.com/track/iris-fields

Finally the construction of the B&b is getting started! The excavation has been finished! :D

Inspired by my trip to Ecuador I created a calender and wrote a text about my experience. You can find the text in the category “Articles” in German and Italian. Furthermore you can take a look at the presentation of the calender in “Eva’s diary”. Have fun!

The construction of the B&B is proceeding but the excavation is more expensive than we thought: 

Here is my latest painting, a flower of a pomegranate from my garden: 

The thunder storm of the last days has thrown down lots of sweet chestnuts – this surely is a good moment for collecting them.  Looking forward to dinner! :)  

Who else is has been in an autumn mood these days? :) My latest painting is ready: 


The construction of the new house is finally going on. The crane is being put up and the first excavation has been done. Let’s hope the weather will be sunny the next days!


Finally I finished the “khaki blooming”. Have you ever seen khaki flowers? Aren’t they beautiful?

My latest reward from my vegetable garden :)

Everywhere in the garden I’m creating flowerbeds:

My store-cupboard is getting filled up:

I still have a lot to do with the harvest of fruits and vegetables but I also started two new paintings. I hope that I’ll find the time to finish them soon!


After having done all the work a brake in my hanging-chair:

The barbecue space under my pergola is finally finished. Now I only have to wait for the vine to grow on both sides in order to have more shadow:

I have already picked the cherries! They only filled up one box but it was enough to make some jam. And then I actually discovered that cherry and coconut flavour are the ultimate combination!  I made a pie with cherry jam on top and I put some coconut butter into the dough. Fantastic! :)

I love the terraces of my garden immediately after the grass has been cut. Everything seems so tidy :)

In the meantime the old house has been torn town completely but now we have to wait for the results of an analysis of the old stones. Here in Italy you can’t take away more than 50 tons of material without an official analysis…

And as we’re talking about roses: I made a little drawing of my favourite rose, an English rose, which has a wonderful fragrance…

I have finally finished the rose garden. Now the roses only need to grow :) The blu flowers are call “salvia francigena” in Italia, a typ of sage:

I found a beautiful iron door in the old house (I want to renovate it!) and new flowers for my garden:

Finally! Demolition of the old house:

The valley of Ciantagalletto: the place of the future B&B

Today first harvest of fava beans: time for an Italian aperitif with salami and fava beans :)

At the moment I have little time to paint because there is a lot that has to be done in the garden! Here a part of my vegetable garden: The fava beans are already 1,5 metres high. Soon I will be able to eat some :) ….

Spring time in my garden:

A souvenir photo in front of the old house before it gets torn down. The B&B project is really getting started!

Happy Easter to you all!

Take a look at the postcards! I just published a new one in “other occasions”:

Hello spring time! My spring greeting to you:

Outside it is raining and so during the last two days I dedicated myself to the small beautiful details: do you like my latest painting?

Furthermore the construction work for my future B&b is going on. They have almost finished the access to the future house:

Together with my gardener I brought an olive grove back to live. The trees were huge (10 metres!) and almost didn’t bear any olives. Hopefully were going to have a bigger harvest in about 2 years!

After a long January with fever and bronchitis I’m back to work again! :) I finally finished my canvas with the khakis:

I published new Christmas postcards. Here is one of my new creations: Who of you also celebrates with the family?

Have a beautiful Advent with your friends and family!

Take a look at my diary: Now you can find my finished Advent wreath!

Furthermore you can find a khaki pie for a tasty fall and the first ideas for Christmas decoration in Eva’s diary. Here’s one of my Advent-arrangements:

Take a look at the postcards for “Other occasions” and “Priceless Moments”, I added new postcards. Dedicated to autumn:

And the olive harvest is going on:

My biggest, creative project:
My future "Bed and Breakfast" - permission for construction finally arrived after 14 MONTHS.... "Ok..., and now?!" :) 

My latest paintings:

Size: 99x69cm
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

“Con Amore”
Size: 50 x 40cm
Medium: Acrylic on paper

“Flowers of the medlar tree”
Size: 60 x 80cm
Medium: Acrylic on canvas