The artist


Short Biography
My name is Eva Veronika Röthlein and I was born the 25th of March, 1986, in Munich (Germany). I have always loved being creative, doing handicrafts or painting – even as a very little girl, later in kindergarten and then at school – art was and is my most favourite activity.
After my Abitur I had to take a difficult decision: studying art at the university or not? In the end I decided against it because I didn’t want continuous evaluations or the pressure of a job to take away my joy in painting. My intention was to keep my creative activity a “you can” and not a “you must”.
Therefore in the following years I studied languages at the university – Spanish, Italian, English and German as a foreign language. First in Munich, then in Genoa (Italy) where I graduated in “Literature and foreign languages for economics and tourism”.
After my senior thesis I took some time for myself, travelled a lot and began to paint more pictures than I had ever done before. Furthermore I started writing: I think words and colours, as well as words and pictures inspire themselves mutually and develop together an even bigger expressiveness. Partly I write texts for my paintings (or on my paintings) or I paint pictures for my texts. In the period after my graduation I also designed this website.
The photography is another creative activity that I mainly use for my postcards. I’m not a professional photographer, but photos allow myself to capture moments which I want to put on canvas later or which inspire me (not always do you have paint and canvas with you but the mobile phone yes :) …)
What is ART for me?
With my art I want to put emotions on canvas; capture beautiful, unforgettable moments. I love intensive colours and contrasts with which I paint what I see, feel or dream. My favourite theme is NATURE for sure. Everything in nature is art; all colours and forms are expressive and unique. I think that nature is not only the plants, flowers and trees that we actually see but also a positive energy that is always around us. This is represented by the “waves” or “floating lines” you can find on some of my more abstract paintings.
But for me art is also garden design, creating a good meal or designing a beautiful home together with the people you love. In my opinion you can find art in every aspect of life.
“It is the Priceless Moments in nature and with the people you love, together with all the emotions connected to those, that make life incredibly beautiful” by EvR
What do I do at the moment?
Besides my artistic creations I’m a mum for my little daughter and the owner of a Bed and Breakfast in Savona, Italy. The plot of land where it was constructed is about 7000 square metres big and was a wild jungle when I bought the land years ago.
During the last years me and my fiancé transformed the jungle into a garden in which I still invest a lot of time. The land here in Liguria is made of terraces. On ours we have about 40 olive trees, lots of different fruit trees, more than one vegetable garden, many flowers and herbs.